Character animator for the move "Asterix et le domaine des dieux"

My short film "Sequence Champignon" . I was director and animator on this project.

Sequence Champignon from NAUZIN Mickaël on Vimeo.

I have animated all the shots with the baby for this making of.

evian Spider-Man The Amazing Making-Of from NAUZIN Mickaël on Vimeo.

I have animated 3 shots on this commercial.


I was lead animator and animator on this project.

Ad | WWF Wonder World FuR "Dolyphan" from Mikros image on Vimeo.


In september 2012, we have made this advertising. I was Animation Supervisor and animator on this project.br />

In April 2012 i have taken a session at Animschool. "Animating Characters". It was a good experience.
The animation is my job but i haven't learnt the principes in a school. I have learnt alone. So it was really important for me to review the bases of the animation. And work with a good method. Draw your idea, make a good video reference and  do the bloking.
It is a revelation for me, now i can control my ideas, the rythme and my jokes. Now i spend 80 % of my time in blocking and only 20% in plinning. Before animschool it was the opposite

Animschool web site: http://www.animschool.com/
So i would like to show you my Three exercices.

animschool Running Jump from NAUZIN Mickaël on Vimeo.

animschool walk and stop from NAUZIN Mickaël on Vimeo.

animschool Full Biped Character Walk to Stop, Blocking from NAUZIN Mickaël on Vimeo.


December 2011
A last work before the new year.
I have animated the shot when the trows the guy and when he eats and spits the girl.

Novembre 2011
Animation for the 11seconde club

octobre 2011
advertising "canal plus ours". I have worked on the animation two months with
Christophe petit ( a big star in setup and animation!), geoffroy Barbet Massin and
Alexandre Sauthier. It's a cool project but i think it could be more nice in animation.
I think the skin is too rigid and the acting is not perfect.

Septembre 2011
Advertising "DIOR J'ADORE" directed by Jean jacques Annaud
I was Lead Animator and Animator on this project. With Marie Celaya, we have spent 6 month.

Aout 2011
Golaem Project: This short movie present a soft of crowd. It was realy fun to help for the script and animate some smalls peoples!

Juin 2011
Animation for an Italian Advertising. Animate a dog who dance the hip hop it was not easy.


Mai 2011
Animation modification for 11second club competition. I have improved the posings, the timing and the cameras.

mars 2011
Animation for 11Second Club web site