December 2011
A last work before the new year.
I have animated the shot when the trows the guy and when he eats and spits the girl.

Novembre 2011
Animation for the 11seconde club

octobre 2011
advertising "canal plus ours". I have worked on the animation two months with
Christophe petit ( a big star in setup and animation!), geoffroy Barbet Massin and
Alexandre Sauthier. It's a cool project but i think it could be more nice in animation.
I think the skin is too rigid and the acting is not perfect.

Septembre 2011
Advertising "DIOR J'ADORE" directed by Jean jacques Annaud
I was Lead Animator and Animator on this project. With Marie Celaya, we have spent 6 month.

Aout 2011
Golaem Project: This short movie present a soft of crowd. It was realy fun to help for the script and animate some smalls peoples!

Juin 2011
Animation for an Italian Advertising. Animate a dog who dance the hip hop it was not easy.


Mai 2011
Animation modification for 11second club competition. I have improved the posings, the timing and the cameras.

mars 2011
Animation for 11Second Club web site