In september 2012, we have made this advertising. I was Animation Supervisor and animator on this project.br />

In April 2012 i have taken a session at Animschool. "Animating Characters". It was a good experience.
The animation is my job but i haven't learnt the principes in a school. I have learnt alone. So it was really important for me to review the bases of the animation. And work with a good method. Draw your idea, make a good video reference and  do the bloking.
It is a revelation for me, now i can control my ideas, the rythme and my jokes. Now i spend 80 % of my time in blocking and only 20% in plinning. Before animschool it was the opposite

Animschool web site: http://www.animschool.com/
So i would like to show you my Three exercices.

animschool Running Jump from NAUZIN Mickaël on Vimeo.

animschool walk and stop from NAUZIN Mickaël on Vimeo.

animschool Full Biped Character Walk to Stop, Blocking from NAUZIN Mickaël on Vimeo.